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Private 30-minute Energy Alignment Session (for the first 30 Integrated Empaths): Connect directly with Karyn to receive clarity around your situation, your energy, and a plan to move forward. You don't have to do this alone.

$97 Value 

Being energetically sensitive means it's essential to make yourself your number one priority. A happy empath is both self-aware and self-loving. This downloadable resource provides practical ways to take care of yourself and will fuel your own creativity in cultivating your own self-love practices.

$197 Value 

This guide includes an overview of 3 types of external negative energy and the one prerequisite any Integrated Empath MUST have in order to harness their power. Also included are common indications of negative energy, energy management strategies, plus a simple 3-step process to assess and reset your energy.

$197 Value 

Flowers hold timeless wisdom about manifestation. This guided energy work takes you through a beautiful progression that will assist you in embodying the energy of expansion in your own life, so that you can manifest the desires of your heart.

Meet the Experts


Heidi Jane

How Finding Your Tribe IS Powerful and Necessary for Empaths and HSP

Lisa Barnett

Understanding Your Life's Purpose: How Your Soul's Wisdom & the Akashic Records Can Help You Transform Your Life

Deb Acker

Using Your Emotions for Good: How Our Feelings Can Create More Abundance, Joy and Ease in Our Lives

Linda Hall

How to Look After Your Health as an Empath

Edwin Harkness Spina

How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Janice Carlin

Honoring Your Sensitive Empathic Body & Soul

Janna Moll

Boundaries for Empaths

Svava Brooks

How to Break the Generational Cycle of Abuse

Mary Ann Robbat

3 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy

Gabrielle Spencer

Activate Your Inner Abundance

Leanne Venier

How to Manifest Your Ultimate Life and Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul using Color, Light and Flow State

Rena Greenberg

Activate Joyful Weight Loss with Self-Hypnosis

Kimberly Crowe

Freeing Yourself from the Mind Matrix

Rev. Elvia Roe

Angels and the Power of Empathy

Karen Parker

Human Design: the Science of Discovering Who You Really Are!

Sanjay Nimar

Balance Emotionality (Hot) with Rationality (Cool) to Create Magical Peace and Wellbeing in Your Life

Elaine LaJoie

Benefits of Shamanic Energy Work for Empaths

Patrick Prohaska

Discernment for Empaths

Elisabeth Scheffer

From Heartbreak to Wholeness: How to Heal Trauma and Find True Self-Love

Junie Moon

How to Break Through Fear, Mend Your Heart and Invite New Love In

Peter Schenk

The Connection Between Science and Spirituality

Saryon Michael White

The Key to Reclaiming Deep Sensitivity

Sharna Langlais

Empaths & Dreamwork

Dr. Jean Logan

Complete Healing, Your Time, Your Place

Jill Mattson

The Power of Sound to Elevate Healing of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Benjamin Bernstein

Embodied Awakening for Empaths

DaKara Kies

Embracing YOUR Inner Weirdo

Abby Wynne

Stepping Into the New Paradigm of Love

Betsy McLoughlin

Stop Stopping You

Nancy Jean Mirales

Healing with Your Divine Feminine Soultype


ONLY $88
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