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Bonus Gifts from Our Speakers:

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Private 30-minute Energy Alignment Session (for the first 30 Integrated Empaths): Connect directly with Karyn to receive clarity around your situation, your energy, and a plan to move forward. You don't have to do this alone.

$97 Value 

Being energetically sensitive means it's essential to make yourself your number one priority. A happy empath is both self-aware and self-loving. This downloadable resource provides practical ways to take care of yourself and will fuel your own creativity in cultivating your own self-love practices.

$197 Value 

This guide includes an overview of 3 types of external negative energy and the one prerequisite any Integrated Empath MUST have in order to harness their power. Also included are common indications of negative energy, energy management strategies, plus a simple 3-step process to assess and reset your energy.

$197 Value 

Flowers hold timeless wisdom about manifestation. This guided energy work takes you through a beautiful progression that will assist you in embodying the energy of expansion in your own life, so that you can manifest the desires of your heart.

Are you ready to Relinquish Struggle in your life?
Really, isn't it time to just let it go and be in the energy of Joy?

Discover how using light can assist you in relinquishing the energy of struggle. This can be everyday struggles, or it could be something that has been a lifelong challenge.

The Future is Now is a short, mind-bending alternate history about the nature of time and how we all have the power to change the future - how one single act can literally change the course of history.

Get $400 worth of courses, meditations and podcasts in the Empath Alliance Tribe

Are You An Evolutionary Advantage eBook. #1 Best Selling Book.

This 9-page PDF shares some of Janice's most powerful and gentle clearing techniques. Learn to safely and respectfully clear yourself and your home of low-vibrational energies and entities.

Looking for more passion and love in your life? This sessions is for the first 15 people serious about calling in more love into their life. This is a golden opportunity to find out what is blocking you from true abundance and get coached with powerful next steps so you can breakthrough your blocks and invite in love.

This slide deck will help you better understand your Human Design Chart.

This MP3 supports your journey of remembering truth. Awakening Destiny Codes sessions are about clearing the distorted matrices of illusion that have entrapped us within our human DNA lineage and collective consciousness. Connecting to the frequency of Divine Truth will restore your Destiny Codes to the gift you truly are for Humanity. As we birth ourselves from the collective grid we enter into the freedom of Awakening to our inner power, the divine grace of love itself.

This MP3 is from Linda's signature collection, offering her own individual approach to meditation, combining mindfulness, mind/body awareness, self-compassion and psychology. Twelve powerful yet gentle guided meditation and everyday mindfulness practices offer skills for life: Relaxation; Being Present; Acceptance; and Positive Thinking. Set to soothing background music, Compassionate Mindfulness is a synthesis of traditional meditation philosophies and techniques, contemporary psychology and mind/body awareness.

Three free gifts to help you release negative emotions and move into self-love plus meditations to connect you with the high vibration of your soul wisdom and create boundaries with ease as you create a life aligned with your soul gifts.

Akashic Column of Light: Will help you raise your vibration and connect to divine wisdom.

Prayers of Self Love: These 5 healing prayers support the creation of wonderful relationships and abundance in your life.

Rainbow Shield: Will help you clear & protect your energy field and align with your soul path.

Release energetic blocks from your heart chakra, open your heart, and shift your energy into the resonance of deep love in just 15 minutes.

Experience the power of Light Bridge to clear deep-seated beliefs and expectations that keep you locked into patterns of victimhood.

Get Rena's essential tips, hints and secrets to lose weight permanently without ever feeling like you're on a diet! Also, you'll get great recipes, healthy eating tips, spiritual inspiration and more.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have been working on yourself for decades and have not made much progress.
  • You are struggling with chronic health issues that do not seem to heal, no matter what you do.
  • You have relationship problems that seem to create repeated challenges in your life.
  • Your career seems to be stagnant.
  • You seem to have lost hope that life will ever be as fulfilling as you wanted it to be.

Your Divine Feminine Soultype is your most beloved friend and your wise, knowing guide. Leading Chakra Expert, Nancy Jean Mirales is offering Online Live Group Sacred Circle Sessions where you will meet your Divine Feminine Soultype and awaken your gifts hidden in each chakra! Experience the Love & Guidance that is awaiting your Discovery!

The Summit is Officially Over.

But you can still purchase lifetime access to all interviews + TONS of other bonuses!

ONLY $147






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