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Friday, June 1st


Heidi Jane
How Finding Your Tribe IS Powerful and Necessary for Empaths and HSP

Heidi Jane is the Founder of The Empath Alliance, a Natural Intuitive Empath, and has been working with clients for the last 20 years. She is a #1 Best Selling Author, Founder and Principle of The Institute of Advanced Intuition, and has appeared on Television and Network Radio for over 10 years as an Intuition Expert.

Heidi is trained in multiple modalities, including Dip, Clinical Aromatherapy, Intuitive Counselling, Enrolled Nurse, Licensed Auric Clearing Master Healer and Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive Dynamics (Intuitive Readings) and an Empath Wellness Advocate to name a few, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science.

Heidi is passionate about the health and well-being of Empaths' and has dedicated her life to supporting sensitives to fulfill their true potential. Through this, Heidi is dedicated to creating easy to understand, constructive, practical and useful ways in which Empaths and HSP can unfold their sensitive natures.

Being Sensitive means something different to everyone. You may be introverted, extroverted, use the term 'Empath' or 'Highly Sensitive Person', Wanderer or Telepath, or just simply know deep down in your bones, that you are different to most. Regardless of your past experience, we assure you that Heidi can add a richness, a gentleness, and a fierceness, regarding being Sensitive. Heidi has helped empower thousands of Sensitives, and looks forward to supporting you too!


Lisa Barnett
Understand Your Life's Purpose - How Your Soul's Wisdom & the Akashic Records Can Help You Transform Your Life

Lisa Barnett is the international bestselling author of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life, and The Infinite Wisdom of the Akashic Records. Additionally, she is the Founder of the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom which has thousands of students worldwide.

Lisa has spent 20 years healing clients and teaching students these simple tools which empower individuals to find greater fulfillment, happiness, abundance, and health. Lisa helps you align with your soul path, understand your soul contracts, and complete your karma and vows. This wisdom is accessible in your Akashic Records, which reveals your soul's journey through time immemorial.

Saturday, June 2nd


Deb Acker
Using Your Emotions for Good: How Our Feelings Can Create More Abundance, Joy and Ease in Our Lives

Deborah learned a long time ago that the key to true happiness meant moving away from it.

She realized at an early age, through the loss of her mom at 17 and her dad leaving before the age of 2, that running away from herself, her emotions and her pain only caused more of it, and that your only true way out is in. Today, she embraces it all to feel the light in the darkness, the joy in the sadness and the perfection in everything. With this, she helps women take control of their lives, to create their reality, for true joy, peace and trust, no matter what's occurring, and most importantly, to celebrate and relish in this crazy, juicy, up-and-down thing we call life, including all of the emotions that come with it!

When she's not clearing energy blocks & childhood patterns or writing for The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal, you can find Deborah traveling the world, savoring its beauty, people, culture and adventures.


Linda Hall
How to Look After Your Health as an Empath

Originally an artist and craftsman, Linda Hall has twenty-five years' experience in the integrative healthcare field and has been teaching meditation and mind-body awareness since 2001. Alongside her London practice, she is a Psychology practitioner with The Optimum Health Clinic Foundation, award-winning specialists in the treatment of ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Linda is fully qualified in Therapeutic Healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and Coaching and is an accredited member of IPTI and The Association for Therapeutic Healers.

Linda's in-depth understanding of the mind/body connection and its direct link to health and well-being lends her approach a solid foundation. The genuine love and enthusiasm she displays for her work, together with her down-to-earth style, makes learning mind/body awareness and meditation easy, interesting and rewarding. Linda's guided meditation audios for relaxation and personal development help thousands of people worldwide.

Sunday, June 3rd


Edwin Harkness Spina
How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. He is the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secret Revealed, and the developer of Energy Center Clearing and Higher Self Integration, a methodology created to align, balance and center individuals moving through these tumultuous times. He specializes in connecting people to their higher selves, leading to greater intuition, clarity and joy.

Ed lectures around the world and offers Energy Clearings in person and remotely. His company, Higher Dimension Publishing, publishes books, CDs and videos that entertain, enlighten and educate readers in both the fiction and nonfiction areas.


Janice Carlin
Honoring Your Sensitive Empathic Body & Soul

Janice Carlin, PhD, is an author, skilled intuitive channel and healer, and Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. She uniquely combines concepts in science, spirituality, and natural health to inspire and educate people to help themselves, their families, and our world to thrive. She developed a revolutionary natural health modality. The Foundations Healing System, due to her and her son's needs as highly sensitive empaths, and a desire to empower other adults and children to understands and work with energy to achieve healing and optimal health.

Janice holds a PhD in Holistic Natural Health and Nutrition, and both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music. She is certified music teacher in two states. She also holds certifications as a Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Natural Health Practitioner, and Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner. She has enjoyed a long and varied career applying all of her skills and expertise. She has a teenage son who fills her life with abundant joy and meaning, and is the inspiration behind much of her work with sensitive children.

Monday, June 4th


Janna Moll
Boundaries for Empaths

Janna Moll, MSN, HTCP/I, LMT, SEM Janna Moll has been involved with Healing Touch since 1994 and teaches all levels of the educational curriculum, 1-6. She has been the consultant on NCCA accreditation for HTP and has served on Ethics, Curriculum and Certification. She wrote the Mentor Training program. Janna is the founder of Energy Medicine Specialists (EMS). EMS is an organization that offers advanced practice coursework in the field of energy medicine and is Janna's private practice offering hands on healing. Janna travels to teach and present internationally.

EMS exists to educate and support the most highly trained and ethical practitioners in the Energy Medicine field. Janna's 20+ year private practice combines training in multiple energy disciplines (Healing Touch, Sound and Color Healing, Reiki, Polarity, Pranic, Reconnection, and EFT, to name a few) with psychotherapy and coaching. Janna is published in texts, newsletters and e-periodicals on various topics in the field of energy medicine. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Specialist in Energy Medicine. She holds a Masters in nursing. For years Janna has worked with holistic medicine in building community networking and support groups for EM practitioners.


Svava Brooks
How to Break the Generational Cycle of Abuse

Svava Brooks is a survivor of child sexual abuse and the co-founder of a nationwide child sexual abuse prevention and education organization in Iceland called “Blátt áfram.” She is also a certified instructor and facilitator for Darkness to Light Stewards of Children, as well as a certified Crisis Intervention Specialist, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a BellaNet Teen support group facilitator, a Certified TRE® Provider, and an Abuse Survivor Coach.

The mother of three children, Svava has dedicated her life to ending the cycle of child sexual abuse through education, awareness, and by helping survivors heal and thrive. She is a certified facilitator for Advance!, a program created by Connections to restore authentic identity. Every week she writes about healing after trauma on her blog, and also leads a discussion forum on Child Sexual Abuse Healing and Recovery online.

Tuesday, June 5th


Mary Ann Robbat
3 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy

Mary Ann Robbat, ED.M. Founder, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Shaman, Life Coach & Medium

Mary Ann Robbat brings more than 20 years of teaching, coaching, consulting and luminous energy healing to her work with clients. Through highly evolved intuitive capabilities, Mary Ann taps into each individual's soul and hears the messages and channels energies using her Guides and her client's Guides. Through active listening, coaching, healing and consulting skills, she locates limiting beliefs and emotionally charged issues and develops strategies with clients to move forward and achieve goals. She easily connects spiritual and energy practices to real-world living, which helps her clients succeed in creating lasting impact and sustaining change in their lives.

My practice has evolved over the years as I have passionately pursued my own desires to live the life I want. This journey led me to re-open my gift of divine intuition, energy healing and shamanism. I am continually curious about how people can be, do and have all that we want in this life, myself included. This curiosity has led me to learn many disciplines and modalities of healing and coaching. My practice is focused on the integration of all these disciplines to help accelerate and how people can live their lives full out!


Gabrielle Spencer
Activate Your Inner Abundance

Known as the "Practical Spiritualist" and Catalyst of Light for abundance transformation and mastery, Gabrielle Spencer is here to help you clear your energy, shift you into your power and dramatically raise your vibration. She is the creator of the wildly popular Path to Prosperity program, Women's Ultimate Abundance and the Heart Opening to Abundance series.

She spent a good part of her life trying to be normal, to fit in and not be noticed. Although she resisted and was very stubborn, life circumstances pushed her to reclaim her ancient knowledge and multi-dimensional healing and activation gifts and abilities. She is a facilitator of higher consciousness so you can take part in the dramatic shift happening at the highest levels in the Universe. This energetic shift is your gateway to multiple possibilities and opportunities from which life purpose, passion, clarity and abundance are realized.

Gabrielle provides NOW moment guidance for your quickest path to clearing out what is keeping you from reclaiming your own mastery of abundance and beyond! Get ready to have your abilities and gifts activated so you become the intentional creator of your life, destiny and abundance.

Wednesday, June 6th


Leanne Venier
How to Manifest Your Ultimate Life and Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul Using Color, Light and Flow State

Leanne Venier, BSME, CPAOBTA is an engineer, inventor, international award-winning artist, Eastern Medicine physician, entrepreneur, medical researcher, and former submarine designer. She is known globally as the visionary pioneer in the Science of Light Therapy and the leading authority on the effects of Colo, Photobiomodulation, Quantum Energy Medicine and Flow States for self-healing, optimal brain function and ultimate happiness in life.

Leanne has been praised by doctors, neuroscientists and others as a visionary innovator in healthcare and her teaching have been embraced by the global medical community. She's regularly featured on NBC-TV, national radio, global podcasts, consciousness organizations and international health magazines and she's often hired to share her research at leading medical, brain and neuroscience organizations.

Leanne recently launched her own self-healing and anti-aging invention, the REDjuvenator™ Biophotonic Light & Quantum Energy Medicine device for home and professional use. Within the first few months, her healing devices were already being used by thousands of medical practitioners and lay people around the world... all from word of mouth.


Rena Greenberg
Activate Joyful Weight Loss with Self-Hypnosis

Rena Greenberg's success with weight loss hypnosis and gastric bypass hypnosis has been featured in 150+ new stories including USA Today, Woman's World Magazine, The Doctor's Show, CNN, FOX-TV, Good Morning America and ABC-TV Nightline, and her own show on PBS. Rena's wellness program has been reviewed and sponsored in 75 hospitals and 100+ major corporations, including Walt Disney World, AT&T and Home Depot, since 1990. She is the author of The Right Weight (Hay House Publishing) and The Craving (McGraw-Hill Publishing).

Rena holds a degree in bio-psychology from the City University of New York and a master's degree in spiritual healing from the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism. She is also a hypnosis and NLP trainer and is nationally board certified in biofeedback therapy. Rena has just launched her own brand: Rena's Organic - the highest quality, medical grade, full spectrum, organic CBD, for pain, anxiety and sleep, at the best prices, guaranteed.

Rena attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing for three years. Rena works with people all over the world, speaking to groups and on Skype and face-to-face in Florida, to improve their health, break free from addictions, lose weight, improve their relationships and achieve their goals.

Thursday, June 7th


Kimberly Crowe
Freeing Yourself from the Mind Matrix

Kimberly Crowe is an internationally known visionary teacher, artist, and transformational healer with 30 years experience. Kimberly has devoted her life to bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with ALL Life. She is an Everyday Mystic known as the 'healer's healer.' She teaches self-love, forgiveness, and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. She embodies the light of the divine as a sacred witness to your empowerment. Her presence transmits multidimensional healing frequencies which activate your soul's purpose for its highest expression through Divine Grace.

Kimberly's Inner Awakened Master transmissions assist with transcending physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassions and empowerment. Kimberly has the innate ability to see and hear multidimensionally and hold space to clear non-truths. This is the foundation of the transformational Inner Awakening retonements that are gifted to humanity and received by Kimberly from Creator.


Rev. Elvia Roe
Angels and the Power of Empathy

Elvia Roe, founder of, discovered the angels at the ripe age of early 40's after leaving her high-powered corporate career to be home with her children. Elvia is passionate about teaching the language of the angels and delights in using real life examples of how the angels show up to help us with everything from fixing the kitchen sink to deciding which shows to wear to navigating challenging relationships and life situations.

Elvia's view of the angels is anything but mainstream. Grounded in love, wisdom and compassion for all of life, she sees the angels as an aspect of the higher self offering wisdom that anyone can tap into for guidance on any topic - small or big - at any time. She believes angel communication is not just a gift, it's a birthright. By connecting with our angels, she shows up how to illuminate the pathway and open our channels to self-discovery and personal enlightenment.

Friday, June 8th


Karen Parker
Human Design: the Science of Discovering Who You Really Are!

Karen Curry Parker is a #1 best-selling author, Human Design specialist, trainer, professional speaker and creator of the Human Design for Everyone Training System™ and the Healing by Human Design System™. She has been a high-performance life and business coach for more than 20 years and has coached over 7,000 people.

Karen, along with her husband, is the founder of Sustainability2027, a nonprofit business incubator dedicated to supporting "green" craftspeople, entrepreneurs and small home-based businesses. Karen's work has been featured on Fox News, Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, ABC and various radio shows and telesummits.

Karen's books include, "Under Human Design, the New Science of Astrology: Discover Who You Really Are", "Inside the Body of God, 13 Strategies for Thriving in a New World" and "No Mistakes, How You Can Change Adversity into Abundance." And her newest book is Abundance by Design: Discover Your Unique Code for Health, Wealth and Happiness with Human Design.


Sanjay Nimar
Balance Emotionality (Hot) with Rationality (Cold) to
Create Magical Peace and Wellbeing In Your Life

Sanjay Nimar is an expert in metaphysics, psychology, energy medicine and technology. He studied from a teacher in the lineage of Yogananda Paramahansa (Autobiography of a Yogi). He holds advanced degrees and has worked at Motorola where he was one of the inventors of 3G and 4G cellular systems.

Using his scientific and spiritual knowledge, Sanjay has engineered an unprecedented healing system that heals the body and mind with particles of life energy that are remotely transmitted from the Himalayas 24/7 to a persona anywhere on the planet.

Sanjay Nimar is fast becoming one of the most powerful healers on the planet. He has over 400 Google verified 5 star reviews from clients all over the world. Sanjay has been taught by some of the most advanced spiritual teachers in history, and with over 50,000 hours of his own practices, he has gained immense wisdom and spiritual powers over the years.

Saturday, June 9th


Elaine LaJoie
Benefits of Shamanic Energy Work for Empaths

Elaine La Joie is a shaman and certified life coach. She has been in private practice since 2002 helping Empaths heal old traumas and patterns so that they can create the lives and relationships that they really want.

Before Elaine opened her practice she worked at the University of Texas Austin in psychology department and at the Oregon Medical Laser Center as a researcher. Elaine holds degrees in physics and applied physics. She realized a few years into this career path that she was jealous of the other researchers who loved their careers. This, plus a psychic opening led her in a completely new and unexpected direction.

Not wanting to advertise as a psychic, Elaine went into Life Coaching instead. She trained with Coach for Life, became certified, and then was horrified when all her clients started asking for readings or trainings. After a few more years of resistance Elaine trained with the Four Winds Society and later with Marv Harwood of Alberta, Canada.


Patrick Prohaska
Discernment for Empaths

Patrick Prohaska has always had a keen scientific interest in the mysteries of the world. As an undergraduate he studied History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Kansas, where he specialized in the history of chemistry, from its Medieval roots in alchemy through the scientific revolution. He carried his passion for scientific exploration into his Master's Degree program in the religions of ancient India.

Throughout his academic career, Patrick dabbled in various healing modalities, testing them to see which ones worked for him. He studied the Radiance Technique version of Reiki, became an expert in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, and developed a thriving massage therapy practice in Italy in the early 1990s. He also taught various forms of Yoga, as well as Stott Pilates. He honed his teaching skills in graduate school, and was a professor of Philosophy and Religion at a small college in central Iowa.

He studied Law of Attraction life coaching with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, received multiple certifications in Theta Healing, and became a certified practitioner and teacher of Awakening Dynamics. Eventually he synthesized his own healing system, Light Bridge, and established Thrive Energetics Academy to share his tools and techniques with the world.

Sunday, June 10th


Elisabeth Scheffer
From Heartbreak to Wholeness: How to Heal Trauma and Find True Self-Love

Elisabeth Scheffer, MA, LPCC, CEAT is a US licensed psychotherapist, coach, healer, humanitarian and an internationally recognized expert in the field of trauma healing. She has a Master's in Counseling and has been licensed since 1999. Over the last 20 years she has worked in agencies, schools, hospitals, and as a consultant for the US Department of Defense in Europe.

She has worked with humanitarian organizations in Nepal, South Sudan, and Uganda and has developed psychosocial projects for those serving in disaster and crisis zones worldwide. She has presented at conferences around the world and has helped thousands of clients overcome trauma, heartbreak and hurt. An American citizen, she lives with her husband in the Netherlands.


Junie Moon
How to Break Through Fear, Mend Your Heart, and Invite New Love In

Junie Moon, known as "The Inner Critic Tamer & Self-Love Expert," helps people experience Transformation that Sticks. As an empowering speaker and heart-centered coach, Junie guides clients and audiences to enjoy how to "Be Yourself and Love It!" Junie's work empowering women includes her critically acclaimed film, "Shed the Shame." In workshops, she creates a safe and loving space for people to relax and explore what they truly want.

Junie's true gift is in shining the light for people to heal and then express the confidence, joy and success they crave. Best-selling author of "Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud." June is a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator, Certified Transformational Coach, interfaith minister, and dynamic workshop leader.

Monday, June 11th


Peter Schenk
The Connection Between Science and Spirituality

Modern Day Mystic products were developed by Peter Schenk, a spiritual visionary who left a successful career as a computer programmer for one of the world's largest banks to fulfill his mission to heal the world.

Based on research at the forefront of Quantum physics, Peter devised a way to use technology to bridge the gap between science and consciousness and Modern Day Mystic was created. Initial versions of the software were immediately successful among users, so Peter fueled his energy into additional research and development that would lead to a more targeted, powerful system. Today, Modern Mystic software helps thousands of users remove frequency patterns that have been standing in the way of achieving optimum health, happiness and financial freedom.


Saryon Michael White
The Key to Reclaiming Deep Sensitivity

Saryon is an author, a spiritual channel, and a global messenger of humanity's peace potential. As an international speaker and intuitive consultant, Saryon's workshops, conferences, and private readings have touched the lives of people throughout the world.

In the same vein as books like the Celestine Prophecy, Saryon has taken a truth telling through fiction approach to convey a series of highly relevant teachings through his new spiritual adventure series. The first book, titled, Roya Sands and the Bridge Between Worlds, is scheduled for a special pre-release in August 2018.

Saryon's lifelong devotion to the practice of channeling has led to extraordinary breakthroughs in consciousness that have helped make the invisible realms a much more accessible experience for his audience. Currently, Saryon anchors the School of Manifestation, a new dispensation of teachings from the Ascended Masters to educate humanity during its time of transition into a new age.

Tuesday, June 12th


Sharna Langlais
Empaths & Dreamwork

Sharna works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller and brighter lives. Using Reiki, meditation, and energy medicine, she facilitates a holistic and individualized journey toward healing.

A Reiki master, as well as a certified Say it Straight Communication Trainer, herbalist and aromatherapist, she's been leading workshops and classes for over 15 years. Sharna also writes for MindBodyGreen on Reiki healing, as well as personal narrative for Elephant Journal and Rebelle Society.

With a prior career in marketing and executive management, as well as a Masters degree in Spanish Literature, Sharna also brings a strong organizational and leadership development background to her work. She helps to empower her clients with concrete skills to promote ongoing healing.


Dr. Jean Logan
Complete Healing, Your Time, Your Place

As a conscious channel of Light for over fifteen years, Dr. Jean Logan receives symbols and codes from the Divine that are amazing powerhouses that can transform health, life and well-being!!!

Dr. Logan is an ordained minister, an Earth Ambassador, has a doctorate in Nutritional Healing and has an extensive knowledge of many types of alternative healing. She is the author of Unlocking the Power of Glyphs, Sacred Symbols of Light, Symbols of the Dawn and Sacred Symbols Healing Cards. Her books are now in over 90 countries with profits going to Holy Ground Farm, a 501©3 non profit that provides services to indigenous children.




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