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Heidi Jane

How Finding Your Tribe IS Powerful and
Necessary for Empaths and HSP

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Lisa Barnett

Understand Your Life's Purpose: How Your Soul's Wisdom & the Akashic Records Can Help You Transform Your Life

Free Gift: Infinite Connection Meditation

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Deb Acker

Using Your Emotions for Good: How Our Feelings Can Create More Abundance, Joy and Ease in Our Lives

Free Gift: Shifting Childhood Patterns for More Abundance, Joy & Ease

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Linda Hall

How to Look After Your Health as an Empath

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Edwin Harkness Spina

How to Connect with Your Higher Self

Free Gift: Escaping the Matrix Audiobook

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Janice Carlin

Honoring Your Sensitive Empathic Body & Soul

Free Gift: Free Chapter from The Foundations System: The Science and Spirit of Healing for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

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Janna Moll

Boundaries for Empaths

Free Gift: Boundaries for Empaths Meditation

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Svava Brooks

How to Break the Generational Cycle of Abuse

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Survivor to Thriver

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Mary Ann Robbat

3 Powerful Ways to Protect Your Energy

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Gabrielle Spencer

Activate Your Inner Abundance

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Energy Clearing & Activation

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Leanne Venier

How to Manifest Your Ultimate Life and Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul Using Color, Light and Flow State

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Rena Greenberg

Activate Joyful Weight Loss with Self-Hypnosis

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Kimberly Crowe

Freeing Yourself from the Mind Matrix

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Rev. Elvia Roe

Angels and the Power of Empathy

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Karen Parker

Human Design the Science of Discovering Who You Really Are!

Free Gift: Human Design Chart + Report

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Sanjay Nimar

Balance Emotionality (Hot) with Rationality (Cool) to Create Magical Peace and Wellbeing in Your Life

Free Gift: How "Forgiveness" Can Be Harmful In Certain Cases [Workshop]

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Elaine LaJoie

Benefits of Shamanic Energy Work for Empaths

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Patrick Prohaska

Discernment for Empaths

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Elizabeth Scheffer

From Heartbreak to Wholeness: How to Heal Trauma and Find True Self-Love

Free Gift: The Daily Radiance Meditation

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Junie Moon

How to Break Through Fear, Mend Your Heart and Invite New Love In

Free Gift: How to Tame Your Inner Critic: 10 Powerful Steps to Unleash Your Soul Purpose Workbook

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Peter Schenk

The Connection Between Science and Spirituality

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Saryon Michael White

The Key to Reclaiming Deep Sensitivity

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Sharna Langlais

Empaths & Dreamwork

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Dr. Jean Logan

Complete Healing, Your Time, Your Place

Free Gift: Glyph for Fear

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Jill Mattson

The Power of Sound to Elevate Healing of the Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Benjamin Bernstein

Embodied Awakening for Empaths

Free Gift: Embodied Awakening Invocations Guided Meditation

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DaKara Kies

Embracing YOUR Inner Weirdo

Free Gift: Faerie Manifesting Cave Meditation

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Abby Wynne

Stepping Into the New Paradigm of Love

Free Gift: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Be Who You Are Healing Session

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Betsy McLoughlin

Stop Stopping You

Free Gift: Exploration Session

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Nancy Mirales

Healing with Your Divine Feminine Soultype

Free Gift: Your Journey to the Secret Garden of the Divine Feminine

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Want Lifetime Access to ALL the Interviews + TONS of Bonus Gifts from Our Experts?

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