Day 7 Experts:
Kimberly Crowe + Rev. Elvia Roe

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Kimberly Crowe

Freeing Yourself from the Mind Matrix

Rev. Elvia Roe

Angels and the Power of Empathy


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Kimberly Crowe is an internationally known visionary teacher, artist, and transformational healer with 30 years experience. Kimberly has devoted her life to bringing people to the understanding of the Truth of who they are; powerful and brilliant Divine Humans, interconnected with ALL Life. She is an Everyday Mystic known as the 'healer's healer.' She teaches self-love, forgiveness, and finding a perspective of Love to provide people with practical tools for Soul Progression and creating a joyful life. She embodies the light of the divine as a sacred witness to your empowerment. Her presence transmits multidimensional healing frequencies which activate your soul's purpose for its highest expression through Divine Grace.

Kimberly's Inner Awakened Master transmissions assist with transcending physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks into wisdom, compassions and empowerment. Kimberly has the innate ability to see and hear multidimensionally and hold space to clear non-truths. This is the foundation of the transformational Inner Awakening retonements that are gifted to humanity and received by Kimberly from Creator.


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Elvia Roe, founder of, discovered the angels at the ripe age of early 40's after leaving her high-powered corporate career to be home with her children. Elvia is passionate about teaching the language of the angels and delights in using real life examples of how the angels show up to help us with everything from fixing the kitchen sink to deciding which shows to wear to navigating challenging relationships and life situations.

Elvia's view of the angels is anything but mainstream. Grounded in love, wisdom and compassion for all of life, she sees the angels as an aspect of the higher self offering wisdom that anyone can tap into for guidance on any topic - small or big - at any time. She believes angel communication is not just a gift, it's a birthright. By connecting with our angels, she shows up how to illuminate the pathway and open our channels to self-discovery and personal enlightenment.




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