Day 5: Christel Crawford

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Christel Crawford

Going Beyond Manifestation Into Actualization

Christel Joy Crawford is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Access Consciousness is a system that offers weird, wild and wacky tools to help rewire tools to help rewire your thinking about yourself and restore you to the awareness of who you truly be and to greater possibilities and more choice than you ever thought possible.

Christel has created a multi-six-figured online coaching & facilitation business that continues to expand. She is a life and business coach. She is a pianist and singer. She has been a restaurateur and a waitress, a minister and a heretic, a landscape designer and the expansionist and coordinator for many other businesses.

Christel is open, she is irreverent, she can make you laugh and will cry with you. She has a way of getting to the heart of what truly matters, that is, opening a space for you to be truly you and honoring you for doing so.


Christel's Interview

This Interview Is Available Wednesday, June 12th at 10:00 am ET until Saturday, June 15th 10:00 am ET

After this interview with Christel Crawford you will...

  • Know the difference between manifestation and actualization
  • Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of self sabotage
  • Learn the 4 simple steps to transform any experience


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The Awareness Challenge

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