Day 4: Dr. Matt James

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Dr. Matt James

Mastery of the Four Bodies of Empowerment

Dr. Matthew B. James, President of The Empowerment Partnership, embodies the principles he teaches. While devoting himself to the integrity of his spiritual path, Dr. Matt has built an international firm dedicated to personal transformation, authored several books, and trained thousands of students in mastery of the four bodies of empowerment. Throughout his work, Dr. Matt weaves effective modern technologies with the timeless wisdom of ancient spiritual paths.

Dr. Matt began meditating at the age of five, and through his childhood learned spiritual practices directly from such teachers as Baba Muktananda. He also studied Huna, the original science of consciousness of the Hawaiian Islands, from Uncle George Na'ope, one of Hawaii's Golden Living Treasures. Dr. Matt received the gift of carrying on one of the ancietn lineages of Huna, the Bray Family lineage, from Hawaiian elders.

In the 80's, Dr. Matt studied directly with several well-known teachers in the human potential movement, including Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler. He became a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the age of 13 and became a Master Trainer at the age of 29. Dr. Matt is President of The Empowerment Partnership, an international training organization that teaches personal transformation through the merging of psychological and neurological sciences with ancient Hawaiian spiritual teachings.

Building on the work of his father and others, Dr. Matt developed the Mental Emotional Release® process, a therapeutic technique that has proven to be extremely effective in conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and clinical depression. His book outlining this work, Mental and Emotional Release® released in 2017.

Dr. Matt's other books include The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times; Find Your Purpose, Master Your Path; Integrate the Shadow, Master Your Path; and Ho’oponopono: Your Path to True Forgiveness.

Dr. Matt is a regular contributor to Psychology Today. He's been featured on The Huffington Post, Fox News, CNN Headline News, and many other TV and radio shows around the world. Dr. Matt's degrees include an MA in Organizational Management and a Ph.D. in Integrative Health Psychology. He currently lives in Kona, Hawaii with his children, Ethan and Skylar.


Matt's Interview

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After this interview with Dr. Matt James you will...

  • Learn how money actually flows from Spirit
  • Gain ways to rise above barriers to prosperity
  • Be able to begin implementing the four bodies of empowerment in your life


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Hiolani Meditation

Dr. Matt carries a lineage of Huna that was taught to his father by Poppa Bray in Kailua Kona. One of the techniques from the Bray family is that of the Hiolani meditation.

Hio means to lean upon and Lani can mean literally the heavens. However, as Poppa Bray described this, what you're truly doing is leaning upon the highest level of who and what you are in your experience of existence. So rather than thinking of it as the heavens as in a specific location or place, realize that the Hiolani meditation is a process that allows you to lean upon and gain guidance from that which is above. That can mean the heavens, higher self, Aumakua, a guardian spirit or whatever fits into your model or belief. It assists you in gaining a calmness and centeredness that many people seek in their lives. We realize there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of ways out there to meditate. This is one that Dr. Matt found to be very transformative.

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