Day 16: Brandy Gillmore, Ph.D

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Brandy Gillmore, Ph.D

The Energy that Most Empaths are Overlooking

Brandy Gillmore is an internationally known speaker and mind/body expert. She is most well-known for her discoveries using the power of the mind to create miraculous healing results.

Due to the incredible results that Brandy has been able to demonstrate, her work has been quickly captivating audiences around the world. She coaches top celebrities, entrepreneurs, Olympic Athletes, CEO’s and groups worldwide in using their minds to transform their health and their life.

She has been featured on stages internationally, given a mind-expanding TEDx talk and is being featured in four new upcoming documentaries set to release in 2019. In addition to her incredible work, Brandy has a genuine heart and sincere desire to create a better world for us all.


Brandy's Interview

This Interview Is Available Sunday, June 23rd at 10:00 am ET until Wednesday, June 26th 10:00 am ET

After this interview with Brandy Gillmore you will...

  • Discover how chronic pain can be healed and transformed
  • Learn the difference between transmission energy and core energy
  • Learn a highly effective form of energetic protection


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