Day 15 Experts:
Betsy McLoughlin + Nancy Mirales

These Interviews Are Available Friday, June 15th 10:00 am ET - Monday, June 18th 10:00 am ET

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Betsy McLoughlin

Stop Stopping You

Nancy Mirales

Healing with Your Divine Feminine Soultype


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Betsy McLoughlin is an International Best-Selling Author of 8 books, a Radio Show Host, Certified Facilitator, Transformational Coach, a Body Process Facilitator, Right Body for You Taster Facilitator and so much more!

This creator and magician of magnitude has been featured on The Ask BonBon TV Show, numerous radio shows and telesummits. Check out her radio show Imperfect Brilliance on Inspired Choices Network.

Betsy is also a magical RealtorĀ® who creates ease for her clients. Her calm demeanor, willingness to ask questions outside the box and look for what else is possible creates more opportunities for her clients.

Betsy's vibrant personality is the space of no judgment and allowance and is the catalyst for quicker happiness. She would love to create new possibilities with you. Are you ready?


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Nancy has been called a Miracle Worker, a modern day Medicine Woman and is known globally as Chakra Chick! Nancy is an evolutionary Chakra Healer with over 25 years of working with the energy body and is one of the world's leading chakra experts.

Nancy is a true guide and initiator, one who lights the way, takes you by the hand as you step into your healing, your passion, and your magnificence.

Nancy is the creatrix of Sacred Soul Evolution; a chakra based healing modality supporting your healing through her energetic trauma release techniques, energy mapping and chakra activations. She has a natural and deep connection with earth energy and calls upon plant spirit healing, crystal healing and flower divas in her vibrational healing sessions.

Today Nancy is here to share with us how her embodiment with the energies of the Divine Feminine supported her as an empath. The Divine Feminine awakened in Nancy as Priestess, Celtic Wildwoman and Lakshmi. In the tradition of the ancient mysteries, her passion and quest is to re-establish your connection with your Divine Feminine energies so you can access your gifts and healing powers and become the catalyst of change the world is waiting for.




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