Day 13: Krystalya Marie'

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Krystalya Marie'

Discover How to Love & Nurture Your Empathic Sensitivities

Krystalya Marie’ is an international speaker, trainer, self-love enthusiast and self-empowerment guide. Through the Healing Power of Love and Krystagraphs™, Krystalya empowers you to discover your own innate abilities for healing your body, mind and spirit.

Krystalya began her self-healing journey in her mid 20’s, yet her real healing began in 2000, when, after years of self-love work, she discovered an underlying belief that had kept her from loving herself fully.  

In 2001, her faith & self-love were tested when she discovered a golf ball sized lump in her breast, & was guided to create healing symbols (Krystagraphs™) to remove the lump. Subsequently she had various ailments, such as bladder infection, yeast infection, hypothyroidism, deep vein thrombosis, cancer & more. In each case she immediately received Krystagraphs™ to heal the ailment. She now shares these Krystagraphs™ with 1000's of people worldwide.

Krystalya is a best-selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Deepak Chopra in the ‘Wake Up Live the Life you Love' book series, and author of the 'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols'  series of books and products for healing the body, mind and spirit. She is also the Director of Inner Peace for Ten Million Clicks for Peace and former host of the popular radio show Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit.


Krystalya's Interview

This Interview Is Available Thursday, June 20th at 10:00 am ET until Sunday, June 23rd 10:00 am ET

After this interview with Krystalya Marie' you will...

  • Learn about Krystagraphs and how they can help heal emotional and physical pain
  • See how your resistance can serve as a valuable guide and lead you to your life purpose
  • Gain strategies to use your empathic abilities to enhance your intuition


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Learn the secrets to greater health in this in-depth video training and one-minute Krystagraph™ process. Also includes a Krystagraph™ Infused Health You subliminal MP3 recording.

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