Day 1: Isabel Hundt

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Isabel Hundt

How Your Emotions Can Save Your Life

Isabel's journey started with a prophetic dream at the age of twelve. The German native tackled many obstacles in order to make her dream of speaking in front of thousands (in English) become a reality. Her biggest obstacle was learning to connect deeply with her Soul and her heart and to fully accept herself and her unique gifts. She experienced rejection and betrayal, life-altering "failures", depression and anxiety.

Isabel's life is a beautiful reflection of how anyone can create a deep spiritual connection within themselves. By discovering and owning your unique superpower you are able to powerfully step into your mission.

Today Isabel Hundt is known as "The Leader's Heart Decoder" and Founder of the #ISeeUMovement. She is a successful speaker, sociologist, a certified Transformation Coach who works with highly sensitive visionaries and world changers aka Empath-Warriors™, an Emotions Clearing Practitioner, published author of "The Power of Faith-Driven Success" and 2x Amazon Bestselling Co-Author.

Isabel obtained her degree in Sociology/Psychology at the University of Siegen in Germany and received her ontological coaching training through Accomplishment Coaching, which is accredited through ICF. She continues to be a student of life daily. Her keynotes and motivational speeches revolve around navigating your emotional world, overcoming cultural differences, the power of intuition and the importance of trust and perseverance in today's society. Her work has been featured on over 100 TV shows, well-known radio and podcast shows like EOFire, Lifeology and Satori Prime.

When Isabel is not coaching, teaching or speaking she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She also loves to be out in nature to go for long walks, hike in the mountains or camp in the woods. Isabel's family is very focused on health and therefore are passionate about growing their own little vegetable, herb and fruit garden each year.


Isabel's Interview

This Interview Is Available Saturday, June 8th at 10:00 am ET until Tuesday, June 11th 10:00 am ET

After this interview with Isabel Hundt you will...

  • Learn how to prepare for situations where you will be in the spotlight
  • Learn simple techniques to shift low energy emotional states
  • Discover how to create a more positive relationship with yourself


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